Advanced Public Speaking & Presentation Skills

Advanced Public Speaking & Presentation Skills

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Public Speaking & Presentation Skills


Part 1: Public Speaking & Presentation Skills | 20 Hours

From sales pitches to internal strategy discussions, good presentation and public speaking skills are key to doing well in today’s business world. Having great content is important but not enough. It has to be packaged and presented in an engaging way to achieve the end objective.

In this training programme, participants will learn how to prepare for public speaking events, how to structure their content, how to deliver it effectively and how to handle their nerves while presenting or speaking in public. Participants will learn the importance of positive body language and how to engage with the audience. They will also learn strategies and techniques for overcoming their self-limiting beliefs and presenting with confidence.

Programme Outline: Part 1

The broad outline of this programme is as follows:

Module 1 – Self-Awareness

Module 2 – Initiative & Motivation

Module 3 – Self-Esteem & Assertiveness

Module 4 – Goal Setting & Action Planning

Module 5 – The Anatomy of a Successful Presentation

Module 6 – Understanding Your Audience

Module 7 – Preparing Your Content

Module 8 – Delivering Presentations Successfully

Module 9 – Overcoming Fear of Public Speaking

Followed by 2 one-hour practice sessions and Feedback

Experiential learning with role-plays, self-assessments, games and a host of activities. Participants will also get the opportunity to present to the others and get individual feedback. The session is typically conducted in small groups with personalised attention to each participant.

Part 2: Advanced Public Speaking & Presentation Skills | 20 Hours

Presentations skills and public speaking skills are very useful in many aspects of work and life. Whether you are persuading colleagues or bosses, selling to a client or energizing your team, the power of your presentation skills makes the difference between success and failure. Developing the confidence and capability to give good presentations, and to stand up in front of an audience and speak well, are extremely helpful competencies for self-development and social situations.

This Advanced Public Speaking & Presentation Skills programme is an intensive and highly interactive 20-hour training course to help ensure you get the most from all presentation and public speaking opportunities and stand out as a successful communicator. The course is ideal if you have already done our Public Speaking & Presentation Skills programme and now want to work on advanced techniques and achieve more from your presentations or public speaking opportunities.

This programme is as close as you can get to having a personal, public speaking training coach. Throughout the programme you will gain a wide range of practical experience through numerous exercises (voice, physical presence, body language, etc.) and the delivery of actual presentations. You get to present multiple times and your presentations are videotaped and critiqued. You get the benefit of personalized feedback.

Programme Outline: Part 2

The outline of the programme is as follows

Module 1 – Confidence or Competence

Module 2 – Creating flow in your communication

Module 3 – Breathing & Projection

Module 4 – Incorporating Storytelling

Module 5 – Using Neuroscience to make memorable presentations

Module 6 – Structure and Design of PowerPoint presentations

Module 7 – Improv and Impromptu speaking skills

Module 8 – Persuasive Speech

Followed by 4 one-hour practice sessions

By attending our programme we guarantee that you will become a more influential speaker.


The Anatomy of a Successful Presentation (Preview)

Length: 60 minutesComplexity: Standard

Do you think good public speakers are born, not made? Many people think that they are born but that’s not true. Sure, some people are more relaxed and comfortable speaking in front of others, but everyone can learn the skills and techniques they need to increase their level of confidence and performance when speaking in [...]

Overcoming Fear of Public Speaking (Preview)

Length: 60 minutesComplexity: Standard

Many people have a great fear of speaking in public. You may know your subject but just the thought of standing in front of a large group of people could make you break out in nervous sweat. In this session you will learn how to calm your nerves and make your anxiety work for you.

Understanding Your Audience (Preview)

Length: 60 minutesComplexity: Standard

Your presentation or pitch will be very effectively only if you take into consideration your audience and their expectation. In this session you will learn about all the aspects that need to be looked into when preparing content for a presentation or speech. Connecting with the audience requires knowing who they are and where they [...]

Preparing Your Content (Preview)

Length: 60 minutesComplexity: Standard

Now that you know your audience and what you want from them and their expectations, you will learn how to structure your content for maximum impact. You will learn techniques to make your pitch more persuasive, clear and concise and to have the right call to action to get the desired outcome from your presentation [...]

Delivering Presentations Successfully (Preview)

Length: 60 minutesComplexity: Standard

Now that you know your audience and have prepared the content well, it is important to learn how to deliver it effectively. In this session we focus on how to confidently engage with the audience, recollect your content without having to refer to any aides and use the knowledge of human psychology to make a [...]

Handling Q&A Effectively (Preview)

Length: 60 minutesComplexity: Standard

Handling questions effectively at the end of your presentation or speech is very essential. A good presentation followed by a Q&A session where the speaker fumbles and struggles to answer questions, does not leave a very good impression on the audience and may not get you the desired result. In this session we help you [...]