Best Decision-Making Training in Mumbai

What Will You Learn At The Best Decision Making Training In Mumbai

Growth is the only constant in life! No matter who we are, where we work or what we do – we all want to move beyond our current work circumstances and onto the next level.

In the corporate world, the race to succeed is even more intense – we work hard trying to get to the next rung, and once we get there many of us realise that we are not ready.  Because along with authority, we also get more responsibility – our decisions now matter more.

With so much riding on our decisions, how can we make sure that we always make the best decisions?

There are some time-tested strategies and tools, which can help you enhance your decision-making skills considerably. Here is a look at how we, at SoaringEagles, conduct our decision-making training in Mumbai.

Our decision-making training sessions work towards delivering the following outcomes –

  • Teach participants how to apply problem-solving steps and tools
  • How to analyse information to describe problems
  • Identify and evaluate decision-making alternatives
  • Think outside the box
  • Confidently select the best approach
  • Understand and learn how to avoid common mistakes in decision making
  • Understand how to make decisions as a team
  • Evaluate and review decisions
  • Use problem-solving/decision-making models and tools

A detailed look at our course structure (it can be a one day or two-day workshop) and what we offer –


Most of our training sessions start with some self-awareness exercises, and the same goes for our decision-making training. We begin with helping participants understand themselves better. Understanding oneself, our own triggers, motivations, and expectations are critical to remain objective during challenging decision-making scenarios.

Defining Problem Solving & Decision Making

Problem-solving and decision-making are two different things! This part of the course will see participants identify the difference between the two, learn how to identify the various types of choices that they might commonly face and also understand what find hard or easy about the decision making process.

Understand The Problem-Solving Model & The Decision-Making Wheel

In this part of the training, participants will use various activities and simulations to understand and apply the three-phase framework that is most commonly used for problem-solving. They will also be introduced to the decision-making wheel and practice using it with real-life examples.

The Problem-Solving & Decision-Making Toolkit

There are several tools used by people to solve problems in all sorts of situations. In this section, we will introduce the participants to some of the most useful ones. We will also devote some time to understand the entire range of decision-making tools – from a simple decision matrix to multi-voting systems and cost-benefit analysis. Participants will get a chance to use these tools in various activities and gain a deeper understanding of which tool is best suited for a particular situation.

Identifying Common Mistakes And Avoiding Them

Along with the Dos, it is also essential to know the Don’ts! Hence, we end with a module that familiarizes participants with the common pitfalls all decision-makers face. 


At the end of our training, we want to ensure that participants feel ready to take on decision-making roles with confidence.  It’s a responsibility that needs quick action and a clear thought process – with an understanding of what the process requires and the tools available; we hope our clients will be able to do just that!

Bad decisions in a corporate setup can cost a lot – in monetary terms and in reputation. So, why not give your upcoming leaders the skill to make the right decisions?

We, at SoaringEagles, offer tailored decision-making training workshops for our corporate partners – these are aligned to your company values and the profile of the participants. Call us to know more!