Nrithika Jaisankar

Learning Facilitator

Nrithika completed her Masters in Industrial Psychology from the University Department of Applied Psychology, University of Mumbai and her Bachelors in Psychology from The D.G. Ruparel College, University of Mumbai.

She has the experience of conducting several workshops and seminars and making presentations on a variety of topics related to psychology. She has been a part of focused group discussions, role-playing activities, management games, case studies and book presentations.

Through these she has acquired valuable skills such as analytical skills that include offering new perspectives, developing new solutions for recurring problems; Interpersonal skills that incorporates modifying behaviour, counselling, motivating, perceiving and understanding individual differences, fostering group dynamics, exhibiting empathy towards others, and problem-solving skills.

She is qualified to guide her clients to achieve challenging goals always with the objective of making a change, and never losing the empathetic and personal touch using emotional intelligence as one of her key skills.

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