Students & Job-Seekers

Working Professionals

<span>Biotechnology Engg., NIT Warangal</span>
"Comprehensive, well-crafted for learning and knowing and acknowledging oneself and the professional life. My only expectation was to learn something new and that has been done successfully. The delivery was fine-tuned and the facilitators were friendly, trustworthy and kind with constructive criticism. It has sped up the process of analysing & knowing myself, which would have otherwise taken more time on my own."
Bhuvnesh Sarawata Biotechnology Engg., NIT Warangal

<span>Electronics & Telecom Engg., VESIT</span>
"This is an amazing program wherein students are trained and motivated to be self-aware which includes identifying their strengths and weaknesses. This is done though a lot of activities which is channelized very well to the students by the learning facilitators over here. At the end of the course you also get an opportunity to intern with their corporate partners. The program delivered more than what I had expected from it. I would also recommend others to join this program."
Vinayak Kini Electronics & Telecom Engg., VESIT

<span>BMS, St. Xaviers College</span>
"I had a great experience at SoaringEagles in terms of the kind of support I received from the facilitators there. It helped me understand a lot about my own self which would eventually benefit me in every sphere of life. Also, with the kind of help I got from the program I enrolled myself into, I think, it will enable me to face interviews with much more confidence now, than before."
Arundhati Bajaj BMS, St. Xaviers College

<span>Student, Cathedral and John Connon School</span>
"I found the Career Counselling helpful as it helped me to narrow down on a choice of subjects and bettered my understanding of my interests. I will try to make a career choice on the basis of what I learnt about myself today."
Divyanshi Singh Student, Cathedral and John Connon School

<span>Student, D. G. Ruparel College</span>
"SoaringEagles is a HELPING HAND. You walk in as an individual and you come out as a star personality. I was looking for skills like time management, flexibility, networking, etc. but I also came to know about myself, my strengths and ideas. The facilitators have taken the best initiatives and helped me become more confident and walk towards my aim."
Urmi Jain Student, D. G. Ruparel College

<span>BMM Student, Jaihind College</span>
"The career counselling was very helpful and gave me a better insight on suitable options. I would use it to my advantage to make better career and job choices based on what I learnt."
Preeti Shivani BMM Student, Jaihind College

<span>Mechnical Engg., Manipal Institute of Technology</span>
"It was energetic, motivating and filled with learning exercises. The delivery was perfect and both the facilitators were amazing. The key things I learned were communication skills, leadership role, personal development and management roles. It has already started impacting my life and I am still trying to implement all that I have learnt here."
Murtaza Pardawala Mechnical Engg., Manipal Institute of Technology

<span>Student, Aditya Birla Word School</span>
"The programme was immensely helpful and the delivery was really effective. The facilitators were very approachable. The key thing I learned were the importance of eye contact when giving a presentation. I realised the mistakes that I used to do earlier. My school presentations have become better in quality after this programme."
Yajwin Jain Student, Aditya Birla Word School

<span>BBA, Christ University, Bengaluru</span>
"The Career Counselling was definitely useful for me because it helped to know what I am capable of and in which field I’ll actually progress. I have learnt about my hidden talents while responding to a few of the questions and I am going to apply those now. I will totally recommend SoaringEagles to anyone who is struggling or confused!"
Kanistha Bothra BBA, Christ University, Bengaluru

<span>B.Tech Science, VJTI</span>
"The focal point is it was concise and made me think out of my comfort zone. I am pleased with the points, content and activities conducted during the programme. The facilitators were excellent. Primarily the thought process is very important in addressing any situation and when reasoned well, can give you the desired results. I will reflect regularly and keep improving in the areas discussed. I learnt a lot during the short time. They allowed me to fix the schedule as per my convenience."
Akshay Shah B.Tech Science, VJTI

<span>B.E. in Mechanical Engineering</span>
"I have completed the Lakshya Employability Acceleration Programme & Leadership in SoaringEagles. Today I can speak in public without any fear and there is also a huge development in my communication skills along with thinking skills which I require for my future professional world."
Dattatray Gawde B.E. in Mechanical Engineering

<span>B.Com Graduate and MBA Aspirant</span>
"The programme is an excellent confidence booster. It turned out to be much more than a personality development course that I expected. It is conducted in a warm friendly manner by awesome facilitators. I have already recommended it to my friends, colleagues and family. The programme has helped me deal with my weaknesses and enhance my strengths. It helped me get over the dilemma I had about my career."
Huzefa S. Amreliwala B.Com Graduate and MBA Aspirant

<span>Engineer and a budding entrepreneur</span>
"I learned many things during the programme that I was previously unaware of. I had joined the programme to become better at decision making. The programme offered me that and a lot more. I learned to be empathetic, open minded and resilient. The facilitators gave real life examples and made the learning fun through activities and games. The programme helped me explore my strengths and helped me identify my limitations and work on them. I would definitely recommend this programme to all college students."
Sandeep Singh Engineer and a budding entrepreneur

<span>MBA, got placed in Wipro</span>
"I have learnt so many things from this programme that will help me in my future life. The programme is interesting and helped me become knowledgeable in many aspects. The delivery of the programme was good in all perspectives. I have learnt to be open minded. I now feel confident enough to handle each and every situation in my life wisely."
Swapnil Hate MBA, got placed in Wipro

<span>BE (Mechanical)</span>
"I took the Communication & Interpersonal Skills programme of SoaringEagles. I found the overall programme very good. The delivery of the programme was excellent and the facilitators were very good. I learnt listening skills and how to establish contact with people. I would definitely recommend this programme to others as the course has positively impacted my life."
Fauzan Mulla BE (Mechanical)

<span>MBA Finance, Kohinoor Business School</span>
"In my entire academic journey, this is the most valuable thing I have done. The quality of teaching is outstanding. My desire to learn has been ignited. I am reading a lot more. My family is seeing a big change in my behaviour. I am very clear now that I want to get into a company where I will learn a lot."
Ajmer Khan MBA Finance, Kohinoor Business School

<span>Student studying Architecture</span>
"Initially, I expected the program to be ‘just talk’. But it turned out to be really good because of the interactive sessions, videos and activities.  The Facilitators were friendly, encouraging and clear. Overall, the program was very good and I learnt about self-management, interview, communication, emotional intelligence and personality."
Fleur Varel Student studying Architecture

<span>BMS Student, Jai Hind College</span>
"Before joining the LEAP, I was a very shy person and lacked initiative to do anything.  After completing the program, I have surely evolved as a professional and a person. I will recommend this course to all those who want to evolve and grow as a professional."
Samveg Singhi BMS Student, Jai Hind College

<span>Student Intern - Veena World, Diploma in Travels and Tourism, University of Mumbai</span>
"The program is helpful as it has changed my personality. I am feeling more confident, more energetic and more positive. I would definitely recommend this program to others as it would help many."
Daivik Bagwe Student Intern - Veena World, Diploma in Travels and Tourism, University of Mumbai

<span>Commerce Student, SYJC, Hinduja College</span>
"Before joining SoaringEagles, I never had a vision and clear way of achieving what I want to, but after attending all the sessions, it improved the quality of my life. My confidence level has increased; I have become more assertive in my behaviour and logical in my reasoning. The facilitators are understanding, motivated and have a perfect personality which students would like to follow.  The overall programme is life-changing and motivating. So, if one wants to improve his/her quality of life, then they must join SoaringEagles!"
Heet Meghani Commerce Student, SYJC, Hinduja College

<span>BMS Student, Jaihind College</span>
"I came to SoaringEagles to improve my interpersonal and communication skills as well as to receive clarity on my future goals, all of which I have achieved to a great extent. The things I have learnt can be applied on a day-to-day basis. All the teachings from the session have been of great use."
Ashish Pophaliya BMS Student, Jaihind College
"Initially, when I received a call; I didn’t know if I was going to the right place to do a personality development course. However, the Business Development Manager was of great help in giving me an overview of the modules offered at SoaringEagles and it helped me understand the importance of implementing all that has been learnt in this competitive corporate world. Kshitija and Aparna were very good as training facilitators, particularly in terms of making the sessions comprehensive, understandable and interesting. Joining SoaringEagles has helped me to manage people, time and be assertive in my daily routine. Many thanks to the whole team of SoaringEagles and would highly recommend all to join, in order to make one’s personal and professional life better in the society."
Dr. Priya Pai TCS

"The program was very good and helped me understand myself better and become more assertive in the process.  The course is nicely designed and helped me to look at life from a different perspective. The facilitator also talked about various books which one should read in order to think out of the box and think positively. Overall, it has helped me increase my confidence."
Parshva Shah PwC

<span>Working Professional</span>
"Overall session was nice, especially the activities and case studies. The facilitators are amazing. I have learnt many things but the most important thing is to make my own path and believe in myself. I realized that I am a creative person and have to set my goals or career in this space. It is all because of SoaringEagles. So thank you from the bottom of my heart. I will recommend this to others."
Swati Chaurasia Working Professional

"The program offered by SoaringEagles is good. It’s a great place to learn about business etiquette. The facilitators will help you get to know yourself better and make sure you place your best foot forward at the time of the interview."
Aakash Agarwal Deloitte

"It’s an excellent program for working professionals, particularly if they want to groom themselves for the present globalized working environment. Thanks SoaringEagles for making me highly motivated and confident."
Vijay Salavkar HSBC

<span>Marketing Professional</span>
"The course was well segmented and was delivered in a crisp, straight and to- the point manner with focussed examples. The discussions were typically two- way which made the overall experience more interactive and practical. I now see myself as a focussed thinker and I now possess better vision. I was able to enhance my skills and the programme covered more than what I was expecting. The facilitators helped me identify my strengths and weaknesses."
Ameya Wadke Marketing Professional

"The programme was immensely helpful for my personal as well as my professional growth. The programme turned out to be way better than my expectations. The examples and case studies helped me pick up essential points of the programme. I now feel that I have more self- confidence, better decision making skills and I am now more focussed on my career growth. The programme helped me develop strong interpersonal skills which has helped me become more confident now."
Sanchita Manave HSBC

"The programme is excellent. Initially, I expected that the programme would only help me with the job search process but the programme actually taught me many things which are important for my life. The key things I picked up from the programme are Assertiveness, Organizing Schedules and planning effectively. I now feel a lot more self- confident, self- aware and am able to look at life from a new and fresh perspective."
Vidya Kharote Cognizant

<span>JJ Hospital</span>
"The overall programme is very effective. The programme helps you build confidence progressively. It has changed me personally and professionally. Things which seemed difficult earlier have now become easier."
Noman JJ Hospital

"The programme helps boost confidence of women who are already there yet feel that they are not there. The strong point of the programme is that it trains you to speak your mind in the right manner."
Sabita Braganza STCI