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SoaringEagles Learning is an innovative talent development company focused on partnering with companies to energize their teams and deliver accelerated growth. SoaringEagles also works on building confident individuals and bolstering their skills to realize their full potential.

At SoaringEagles, our focus is on building skills that are relevant and critical for the 21st century. Given the increasingly rapid pace of changes in the business world, individuals need to be equipped with skills like emotional resilience, social intelligence, learning agility, novel & adaptive thinking and persuasive communication using new media. Developing these skills will make employees change ready, strategic and agile.

We have a unique approach to delivering desired behaviour change. This is premised on cognitive behaviour techniques, motivational counselling and experiential learning. We validate development of knowledge, skills and behavioural change through assessments and surveys so that the results are quantifiable. We design customised training programmes as per the specific requirements of your company.

Everything we do is about creating more confident individuals and helping companies enhance motivation and productivity. We lift the morale, enhance self-belief, inculcate a daring spirit, and make individuals do things they never thought possible. Confidence enhancement can only be done best by trained psychologists and this is exactly what we do.

Started by an XLRI alumnus with two decades of investment banking, consulting and social sector experience, we are a professionally managed company that believes in adding genuine value to the customers. The programmes are engaging and effective and have been accorded excellent feedback from participants.

SoaringEagles was recognized as one of the Top 10 Pathbreaking Learning & Development Solution Providers in 2018 by Insights Success Magazine. SoaringEagles was also recognized as one of the Top 25 Most Promising Learning & Development Consultants in 2017 by Consultants Review Magazine.

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