Best Sales Training in Mumbai

SoaringEagles Offers The Best Sales Training Classes In Mumbai. Here Are The Details.

There is no doubt that Sales is the backbone of most organisations – you might have a great product, which is perfectly priced and a great advertising campaign to get people excited about it – but it could all unravel if you don’t have an effective sales team aggressively pushing and selling your product/services.

Which is exactly why you can’t afford the DIY approach when it comes to your sales team – you cannot rely on self-motivation and team leaders to ensure that they meet their targets, you must also provide every individual sales person with the skills they need to succeed.

You might think that experienced salespersons who come with past experience might not benefit from additional sales training, but that is not the case! As most seasoned salespersons have learnt the ropes on the job, structured training often gives them a chance to develop new skills and think out-of-the-box.

At SoaringEagles, we design customised sales training to suit the organisation’s goals, products, and processes. Here we teach a more customer-centric sales model wherein communication skills and customer engagement are the focus of the training. Why? It is becoming obvious that customers have become exceedingly knowledgeable; they are not looking for information on the product or service; they already do all the research beforehand. So, by the time a salesperson talks to a customer, he/she is looking for specific information and has already got competing offers. Here interpersonal skills make all the difference – sales executives can stand out by taking on the role of an adviser to their customers rather than a marketer.

This customer-centric approach allows the sales executive to build trust, offer insights and then help the customer arrive at a decision – the objective is to build a long term relationship with the customer that starts with being helpful. The usual over-the-top salesy manner doesn’t work well anymore – chances are it will put off the customer rather than actually make any sale.

Our sales training programs are designed in conjunction with various managerial stakeholders of the organisation and is completely customised to deal with your products/services, your customer profiles, and sales environment.

Ultimately, we want to leave your sales team with the selling skills and tools needed to reinforce customer interactions and surpass their sales goals.

In this high-impact training program, participants will learn:

Managing lead generation conversations

Whether you are cold calling or meeting an old client for a new deal – the first pitch is the most important first step.

Conducting Needs analysis

Conducting a needs analysis is crucial to making a meaningful proposal. You have to really understand the pain points of the prospects to make your offer a viable solution.

Communication Skills

From mastering active listening techniques to learning how to conduct professional written and verbal communication to handling objections professionally & effectively – excellent communication skills are the cornerstone of a successful sales effort.

To move the sales process forward

To keep the momentum flowing, you have to understand where the sale is & what you need to do next.

Presentation skills

Every salesperson has to, at some point, deliver a pitch or a presentation – we teach you how to make an effective presentation and deliver it flawlessly.

Closing techniques

Closing is not the end of a sales process; it is the start of a long relationship with the client; hence, it’s important to close new business with maximum success and integrity.  We teach highly effective closing techniques that can overcome objections that get in the way of the sale and leave both parties happy.

Self-motivation and goal setting

With conversion rates in single digits, sales can be a hard profession. We teach our participants the fundamentals of self-motivation and goal setting to ensure they control their sales pipeline and keep their eye on the big picture.


Sales is evolving, but the basics of convincing people to open their wallets and buy your product remains the same – you have to show them value, and you have be convincing. We have conducted countless sales training programmes across a variety of industries, and we know that when you add your enthusiasm and conviction to the skills we impart; you will see a positive change. 

Do call us to understand the details of what we offer and how we can tailor our services to your needs. We are based in Mumbai but travel across the country to provide sales training