SoaringEagles Career Aptitude & Skills Test (SCAST)

This comprehensive career aptitude and skills test will help you assess your own skills. It will help you identify the areas where you need to develop skills which are importance for you while planning your future. You will be assessed on various skills that are frequently sought by employers when recruiting laterally. These skills are applicable across career area.

Assessment Takeaways

You will receive detailed feedback based on your performance in this quiz. This can then help you focus on developing in those specific areas to help you do well in the selection process. You can also explore the courses offered by SoaringEagles for developing these skills and boosting your chances of success.

Assessment Outline


Increasingly companies are using various kinds of online aptitude tests during their recruitment process. These tests are a means of short listing candidates for further selection processes. Hence it is very important to perform well on these aptitude and skills tests.


The areas that you will be assessed on are around written communication, negotiating and persuading, verbal communication, cooperating and teamwork, investigating and analyzing, leadership, planning and organising, decision making, reading comprehension, logical reasoning, quantitative ability, customer orientation, conflict management, business etiquette and networking skills.

In SCAST there were a variety of tests that assessed your ability in areas such as the following:

Situation Judgment: Situational judgement tests assess your ability to choose the most appropriate action in workplace situations. These assessments are designed to assess how you would handle situations that you could encounter in the job you are applying for.

Management Skills: This tests your understanding of basic interpersonal, communication, etiquette, people management and creative thinking skills which are so important for any managerial role.

Comprehension: This tests your general level of reading comprehension, as well as looks at the aptitude for inferring and deducing information from written text.

Verbal Reasoning: This tests your ability to extract solutions from textual information using powers of deduction and rational thought. It is one of the most important communication skills: the understanding of the meanings and use of English words and phrases.

Numerical Ability: This tests your ability to apply numerical concepts in practical situations, and to demonstrate an understanding of basic mathematical principles.

Logical & Visual Reasoning: This tests your ability to identify patterns and make predictions based on those patterns. This is a core aptitude that lies behind problem solving skills. It also tests your ability to perceive and imagine objects in space, and their relationships to one another.

Sample Report
For a sample of the Feedback Report that you will get when you complete the assessment – Click Here.

Assessment Fee
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