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Rising Stars – Personal Development for Teenagers

Teenage years are crucial to one’s development as it involves changes in personality, as well as in physical, intellectual and social development. During this time of change, while they are learning who they are, they are also keen to fit in with their peers and trying to keep their family and teachers happy – quite a balancing act. If they can discover what is most important to them, what they really want to do and where they want to be, life can unfold beautifully for them. Learning to be assertive and to believe in themselves will help teenagers enormously with the challenges they face.

This programme is designed to help teenagers really get to grips with life skills and the knowledge that they can be the successful people they want to be.  It is practical, inspirational and gives real hope for a positive future.

Programme Outline

Day 1 – Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom
The focus will be on understanding life values, skills and motivations. We will help them figure out their self-concept and how to enhance self-esteem


Day 2 – You are what you think
The focus will be on understanding the impact of thoughts on behaviours. We will help them figure out how to get their mind and thoughts to work more positively for them.


Day 3 – Speak your mind and create the world you want
The focus will be on learning to be assertive and to believe in themselves. We will help them understand the various forms of communication and how to speak their mind respectfully.


Day 4 – Problems come few and far between in the life of a proactive person
The focus will be on being proactive and taking responsibility for their life. They will also learn how to prioritize and manage their time better and get better in decision making.


Day 5 – Stand up and be heard
The focus will be on getting over the fear of speaking in public, learning how to structure what they want to say better and also how to deliver it with confidence.

Overall they will gain a better understanding of themselves; learn how to feel good about themselves and feel more confident and happier in general.  This workshop will be a vital step in building your teenager’s future.

Programme Duration & Time

20 Hours | 4 hours per day for 5 days | 1:30 pm – 5:30 pm

May 7, 2018 – May 11, 2018

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