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It’s no secret that women often achieve successful results on par with their male peers. But there always seem to be questions raised about women’s effectiveness when they are assessed for leadership or male dominated roles.

When being considered for a leadership role, women are evaluated on their financial acumen, strategic thinking or ability to manage difficult situations, same as their male colleagues. However, the conversation about women tends to be more grounded in demonstrated accomplishments and a need to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that she is prepared to do the job. Perceptions matter a lot.

Hence it is essential for women executives to look at themselves like any well-regarded corporate brand that requires active management. They need to realize the value of being visible and well-connected in an organization for climbing the corporate ladder and establishing themselves as leaders and industry experts.

When women play an active role in managing their personal brand, it is a positive step that can drive their career aspirations forward and help the organisations by protecting their investment in talent development, reducing attrition and enhancing diversity.

In this highly interactive workshop, participants will examine their core beliefs, openness to feedback, self-concept and learn assertiveness techniques, how to pitch their ideas, think strategically and how to leverage networking events and techniques for confident self-promotion. The emphasis of the workshop is on practical learning and bolstering the confidence of women executives to establish themselves as experts and thought leaders.

Programme Outline

The broad outline of this programme is as follows:

Module 1 – Building Confidence through Self-Awareness

Module 2 – Self-Esteem and Assertiveness

Module 3 – Pitching Your Ideas & Becoming a Thought Leader

Module 4 – Strategic Thinking

Module 5 – Making the Most of Networking Opportunities

Programme Format

Experiential learning with role-plays, self-assessments, games and a host of activities. The session is typically conducted in a group of 15-20 participants with personalised attention to each participant.

Programme Duration

1 day | 8 hours

About SoaringEagles

SoaringEagles is an innovative talent development organisation. Everything we do is about creating more confident individuals. We lift the morale, enhance self-belief, inculcate a daring spirit, and make individuals do things they never thought possible. Confidence enhancement can only be done best by trained psychologists and this is exactly what we do. We provide that spring in the step and the self-belief to soar to new heights. More details about SoaringEagles and our confidence enhancement programmes are available here.


Friday, June 23, 2017 | 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM


Fort, Mumbai


Group discount available for 3 or more nominated participants. The fee includes refreshments and certification.


Nominate your high potential women executives for this high-impact programme. There is limited capacity, so we encourage you to register as soon as possible.

To nominate, please write to us at

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