Strategic Thinking

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To ensure growth, you need employees who can create & execute corporate strategy

To be in the lead, organisations require leaders and individuals at all levels to be able to contour the future, become accustomed to changing conditions and help the company be more competitive. 

Our Strategic Thinking workshop is a one-of-a-kind learning experience that gives leaders and individual contributors the skills to think and act more strategically.

We also help them enhance their abilities to deliver more innovative solutions from their business units, including the capability to fully understand and execute business strategy at the macro level.

The learning experience is designed to help participants become stronger strategic thinkers and apply tactical frameworks and management tools in support of the organization, and facilitate strategic change.

After completing this course, participants should be able to:

  • Understand common decision-making traps and how to avoid them
  • Distinguish the root cause from the symptoms to identify the right solution for the right problem
  • Think creatively and come up with creative solutions
  • Use various decision-making tools appropriately
  • Know how to balance their time and attention between daily operational pressures and longer-term strategic initiatives.
  • Analyse the long-term impact of decisions and plans

We also customize our on-site training to suit your specific requirement.

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