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Sales Training for your employees to help them surpass sales goals with the right selling skills and tools.

Selling skills are critical to everyone involved in the sales process.

But in today’s complex competitive sales environment, standard sales tactics can be ineffective as the customer is far too well informed. 

In most cases, the customer would already come armed with hours of research in terms of competing products, price benchmarks, product reviews and so on.

In this scenario, it is critical for sales executives to be able to cut through the clutter. They can do this by taking on the role of an adviser to their customers rather than a marketer.

This customer-centric approach will help the sales executive build trust, offer insights and then help the customer arrive at a decision that meets their end objectives.

Both, in a B2B and B2C environment, the skills of your sales team are one of the most important factors in influencing your potential customers, developing leads and converting prospects into clients.

Our sales training programs guarantee that your sales team will have the selling skills and tools needed to reinforce customer interactions and surpass their sales goals.

In this high-impact training program, participants will learn how to:

  • Really understand prospect needs by conducting a needs analysis
  • Master active listening techniques to better connect with & understand clients
  • Learn to manage the sales process by understanding where the sale is & how to keep the momentum moving forward
  • Learn to deliver presentations that sell
  • Learn how to handle objections professionally & effectively
  • Master highly effective closing techniques
  • Set goals that motivate
  • Close new business with maximum success and integrity
  • Overcome objections that get in the way of the sale
  • Sell based on value and reduce price push backs
  • Identify and avoid common mistakes that even the most experienced sellers make

We also provide an online Sales Training Programme which can be accessed by those who are not from Mumbai.

Our institute is considered one of the top 10 training institutes in India.



What is a sales training program?

Sales Training involves the personal development of skills and techniques related to creating and exploring new sales opportunities, as well as closing sales for an organization. They help produce real, long-term gains in sales performance; gains that can be seen in salespeople’s behaviour and measured in actual dollars.

How do you create an effective sales training program?

When thinking about creating a new sales training program, there is almost an infinite number of considerations. The road starts with an awareness of a new and better possibility. The participants must actually gain the required knowledge and skills. Next, they have to apply those skills for the first time in a real-life situation. Then they have to apply them frequently enough over a short period of time to create a habit, integrating the new behaviour into their everyday routine. Finally, they practice the new behaviour often enough that they become masters of the new technique and can teach it to others.

Four Key Phases of Effective Sales Training Programs: – 1. Evaluation; 2. Impact Training; 3. Reinforcement; 4. Accountability

What does sales training include?

Sales training programs often include topics related to client relationship management, better understanding customers’ needs, enhancing communication with clients, providing effective feedback to clients, and improving client interactions.

The learning objectives of effective sales training programs are generally to improve the relationship between sales professionals and their clients and to also improve the sales performance and close rates of sales professionals.

Why sales training is needed?

In today’s extremely competitive business environment, having any advantage over the competition is useful. One of the most important tools that a company can have to ensure that stay one step ahead is a strong sales team. A trained sales team can generate new opportunities which can lead to huge returns for a company. The better trained your sales team is, the better results for your entire company. It can help aspiring salespeople develop and practice the skills they need to succeed and increase their confidence level. 

We also customize our on-site training to suit your specific requirement.

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