Personal Branding for Women

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Want to promote your women leaders? Give them the skills and confidence to grow

The corporate world is waking up to the fact that their leadership pipelines are woefully short of women leaders! Diversity is not just about maintaining the right optics. Time and again it has proven to be good for the organisation’s overall culture and for its profitability. 

But for most women, networking and promoting oneself does not come naturally. So, despite being very talented, many women fail to get recognition and better opportunities within their organisations.

To ace the corporate race it is essential for women executives to look at themselves like any well-regarded corporate brand that requires active management. They need to realize the value of being visible and well-connected in an organization- to establishthemselves as leaders and industry experts.

Our workshop / webinar is perfect for organisations which are serious about promoting their women leaders. During the course of this workshop, participants will examine their core beliefs and learn assertiveness techniques, how to introduce themselves effectively, how to leverage networking events and techniques for confident self-promotion. The emphasis of the workshop is on practical learning and bolstering the confidence of women executives to establish their personal brand.

This course will help participants to

  • Understand how to network both inside and outside of the organization
  • Develop a clear and compelling elevator pitch that explains how they add value to the company
  • Share their ideas publicly and persuasively
  • Establish credibility in their field
  • Pursue their career growth with confidence


We also customize our on-site training to suit your specific requirement.

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