Entry Level On-boarding

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Help new hires settled in their jobs with an immersive on-boarding programme

What do you do when a new employee is hired? Do you have an orientation process or a more informal introduction to the team?

Now, most mid- to large-size orgnisations conduct an orientation for new employees, but we propose a more inclusive process of “on-boarding” to introduce new employees to the company’s culture, in addition to being oriented to their specific job tasks and associated work expectations. 

Effective on-boarding can have a striking effect on job performance and satisfaction, organizational commitment, and retention. Recent evidence also suggests that a poor organisationalsocialisation process can result in emotional exhaustion and job burnout.

A study of 264 new employees published in the Academy of Management Journal found that the first 90 days of employment is pivotal to building rapport with the company, management and co-workers.

When support levels were high from the team and leaders, new hires often had more positive attitudes about their job and worked harder. When support and direction were not offered, the inverse occurred, leading to unhappy and unproductive employees who didn’t make it much further than four months.

One of the key objectives of our On-Boarding programme is to make the on-boarding process smooth and engaging so that new hires find it easier to fit into the organisation and are able to be productive from the beginning.

This will help the new hires settle in and reduce attrition within the first year of joining. It will also help in instilling a sense of pride and belongingness.

Our extensive and well-researched programme aims to

  • Prepare new hires for assimilating the corporate culture and work ethics.
  • Provide a personalisedon-boarding plan for all your new hires.
  • Enable them to forge key relationships and reduce early-stage attrition.
  • Teach valuable skill sets that makes participants motivated and agile learners.


We also customize our on-site training to suit your specific requirement.

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