Compelling Resumes

Compelling Resumes

Resume Writing
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According to research 98% of job seekers are eliminated at the initial resume screening and only the ‘Top 2%’ of candidates make it to the interview. You need a clear strategy and map of what to do and what NOT to do.

Once you decide to look for a better job, writing your resume may seem like a big challenge. You wonder how you will explain the job changes or gaps in your resume. At times when you don’t hear back from companies after sending across your resume, you wonder what is wrong with your resume.

In this dynamic world where the market scenario is evolving at a rapid pace, roles and job descriptions are expanding. Your resume should have the ability to tell the employer that you are capable of not just one role but can take on cross-functional roles as and when required. This can give you a competitive edge over other candidates.

Building a resume with no strategy or depth and with average writing skills can really mar your chances of even getting an interview call. This course will help you to create a compelling professionally designed resume, accurately highlighting your expertise, experience, skills and qualifications by using the unique P.A.V.E.S. method. This proven method ensures that you more than double your chances of getting that all important interview call which will help you land the job that you want. This course is the exact step-by-step method which will help you write compelling resumes and open doors for you.

Course Takeaways

In this course, you will learn

  • How to undertake critical assessment of the professional skills you already possess
  • How to create a career portfolio that will become your pot of gold for you entire career
  • How to write powerful and convincing accomplishment statements
  • How to search and optimize the right keywords for your resume
  • The top 4 techniques to increase the views of your resume and search a Job

Remember, recruiters scan a resume for just 6 seconds to decide whether to go through it in detail or throw it away. This course can increase your chances dramatically of getting that all important interview call.

Course Outline

Compelling Resumes: Part I

Objective: In today’s competitive world, you need to take active charge of your own job search process if you want to get what you really want. An unimpressive resume can really set you back in your job search process. Your resume is your marketing tool, an asset statement that conveys your talent and skills, an introduction to the corporate world, and this is an opportunity to showcase your potential by putting your best foot forward!

Topics: The first two hours of the program will help you create a resume like your asset statement by

  • Step 1: Helping you in doing self-evaluation of skills/competencies
  • Step 2: Helping you to create your unique roadmap of structuring your resume
  • Step 3: Helping you to unlock the secret of shortlisting by using impacting keywords
  • Step 4: How to make a good first impression by making accomplishments rich resume
  • Step 5: Help you to go beyond your resume and create a career portfolio

Compelling Resumes: Part II

Objective: During the last two hours, the focus will be on helping you understand how to position yourself well for a given role and company by creating a blueprint to get hired by analyzing job requirements and leveraging social media

Topics: The last two hours of the program will be on positioning yourself for the question such as ‘Why should we hire you?’ by:

  • Step 1: Helping you in doing unique requirements analysis of the Company
  • Step 2: Design a Resume which gives you strategic visibility and make you ‘discoverable’
  • Step 3: How to produce a strong cover letter tailoring to the profile
  • Step 4: Learn the unconventional method of job search leading to land in your dream job
  • Step 5:  Learn how to create and curate a professional social networking profile to showcase strengths and build your brand