Career Intentionality

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Secure your leadership pipeline; invest in your women leaders.

Career management needs to be intentional in order to be fruitful. For professional success, there has to be deliberate, planned and purposeful pursuit of career goals.

In today’s uber competitive corporate environment, women employees find it a bit more difficult to structure their careers – especially after a break. For the organisation, helping their women employeesstrategically manage their careers has immense benefits for the business as well – it protects their investment in talent development, reduces attrition and enhances diversity. 

What is career intentionality? How can companies help their female workforce become more focused and take charge of their careers?

Being intentional involves a greater connection to what they want from their work, what they want their work to represent in their life and to have not only a short-term focus but an awareness of the longer term.

Staying connected with short and long-term goals has the potential to create intentional career and business choices that will help women gain work satisfaction andfulfillment, feel valued and achieve an overall sense of being happier.

Our comprehensive programme on Career Intentionality for Women coversa vast range of subjects which can help both the individual participant and the organisation.

The objective of the course is to –

  • Make participants more self-aware and motivated.
  • Equip them with key skills such as goal setting, flexibility, persistence, resilience, time management,and
  • Help individuals strategically direct their careers and also promote their businesses.
  • Align individual career strategies with broader organizational goals and needs.
  • Offer forward-thinking guidance to those struggling with navigating their own careers.

We also customize our on-site training to suit your specific requirement.

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