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Feeling burnt out or stuck in your career? A career coach can help you get restarted.

Have you considered asking yourself these questions? Are you feeling burnt out in your current role? Do you consistently think about changing your current job profile? Are you stuck with the limited growth of your company?
If the answer to any of the above questions is “Yes” then approaching a Career Coach is the best option for you. Now you must be wondering “Why”?
Here is the answer to-


Because your happiness and satisfaction is at stake.
You spend more than half of your life working so you deserve to enjoy it, cherish it and celebrate it.
Your professional career coaches are skilled to guide you to create a personalised action plan towards your goal.
A career coach will give you information tailored specifically to your needs such as following a thorough assessment of your strengths, rediscovering your passion, gaining new perspectives and ways of seeing life, avoiding burnout, mapping your future, gaining career confidence, insight, encouragement and inspiration.
A career coach is cooperative at every point of your professional path as he/she will help you on additional solid footing with not only a decorated resume or an appropriate career path but with a growth mindset that will encourage you to reflect on every decision that you make throughout your life.


Career coaching will release your potential to maximise your performance. It is a thought-provoking and creative process that will encourage you to maximise your personal and professional prospects.
A coach will help you discover, clarify and align with what you want to achieve, encourage self-discovery, elicit strategies and improve leadership skills.
Everyone needs a coach.
Think about cricket or music or even tennis.
You aren’t going to be an expert the first time you try.
In fact, you can try and try but may never even become mediocre!
Even the top sports persons have a coach.
Is managing your career any different?
No, right?
So ask yourself “are you reaching your personal and career goals?
And if the answer is no, that’s exactly when you need to approach a career coach.
Coaching is a solution-oriented approach which involves working with a coach to see what solid steps you can take to achieve your career objectives.
The core area of coaching is to help you assess your professional status with a higher degree of honesty, curiosity and empathy.


The Career Coaching session starts with a set of qualitative and quantitative assessments (2 hours) to learn more about where you are in your career at the moment and what do you wish to achieve.
Quantitative assessments are structured questionnaires or psychometric assessments that corroborate the findings of the qualitative assessment.
Some of the key assessments included in the session are:
Life Values Inventory
Workplace Values Assessments
Acquired Needs Self-Assessment
Job Motivators and Maintenance Factors 


Once the assessments are completed the counsellor will then have an in-depth consultation with you.
During this consultation the counsellor will probe you further on your interests, driving force and life’s purpose.
The counsellor will also try to understand if there are any issues or history that is holding you back from achieving your goals.


After having completed the assessments and consultation a detailed report with the interpretation of the assessments and a gist of discussion along with the recommendation and suggestions will be complied together and will be emailed to you within two business days.
In case you feel the need for further discussion or more clarity through assessments, you can schedule a follow up session with the counsellor.

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