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Help your fresh-from-college employees adjust to your corporate culture.

The transition from College to a Corporate environment is a bigchange for many graduates. After all, expectations and responsibilities in the workplace are very different from those in College.

Regardless of where one comes from, at entry level, all freshers are lined up at a common starting point,and their growth depends on their attitude, skills,and performance. For the corporate, an intrinsically motivated,high-performing and eager-to-learn employee will be an asset worth cultivating.

To really hit the ground running,studentsneed a deep awareness of the realities of a corporate environment. If they enter the workplace with the required attitude and skills,they could make the transition to work life more quickly and easily AND also be more productive from day one. 

Our specially designed programme is made for corporates who want to ensure that their freshly recruited young employees, step into their careers fully equipped them all the soft skills and knowledge they need to adjust to a professional environment.

We believe that to manage this challenging change, graduates must have the internal motivation to overcome problems like self-doubt, limiting beliefs, and negative emotions and also gain some long-term skills such as a drive forexcellence, taking ownership and initiative to solve problems.

This course will train fresh-out-of college employees to –

  • Be confident and self-assured
  • Communicate effectively in the business environment
  • Conduct themselves professionally
  • Demonstrate personal effectiveness and good time management
  • Work effectively individually and as a team player
  • Work with creativity and innovate
  • Adhere to business etiquette
  • Approach work with a positive attitude

We also customize our on-site training to suit your specific requirement.

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