Acing Placements

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Take the stress out of your placement season with the right kind of preparation

Making Dream Jobs a Reality Placements can be stressful, but not if you are prepared for them! Sure, it’s a bit daunting – it is, after all, the culmination of your academic career and the first step into your professional life. But like everything else, with the right kind of preparation you can be sure of acing your placements.

Our experiential learning programme combines self-assessments, role-plays and a host of activities to help you approach your placement season with confidence.


The Acing Placements is a group-based, weekend programme, which uses immersive techniques to prepare students for group discussions and personal interviews.

The programme is highly recommended for –

  • Colleges and educational institutions which would like to offer extra support to their students before placements
  • Groups of students who would like to add extra skills to approach campus placements confidently


  • Know how to showcase your knowledge in group discussions
  • Understand how to manage difficult interview scenarios
  • Showcase your skills and experience appropriately
  • Project confidence and enthusiasm
  • Know how to research the companies you are applying fo


Self Awareness

Author: SoaringEagles

Length: Day 1 – 3 hours
The first module starts with making you understand and analyse your own personality traits and will teach you how to maximise your strengths and develop your weak spots.

Preparing for Personal Interviews

Author: SoaringEagles

Length: Day 2 – 3 hours
Cracking an interview is not rocket science; if your abilities match the profile you are halfway there! The rest is presenting yourself with confidence and connecting with the interviewer.

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