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  • LCAP - Lakshya Career Advancement Programme

    4 Lessons in 32,096.00

    LCAP Career Advancement - SoaringEagles

    Every professional is interested in career growth. Growth could come from moving up the ranks in your own organisation or a transition to another company or industry. Navigating from mid-career professional to senior executive can be the most challenging and least straight-forward part of your career journey. There are so many moving parts in today’s […]

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  • LEAP - Lakshya Employability Acceleration Programme

    4 Lessons in 24,544.00

    Career Advancement Course

    Lakshya Employability Acceleration Programme (LEAP) is a career advancement course that takes an innovative and experiential approach to helping you develop your self-confidence and professional skills to ace job interviews and ensure definite success in your career. This comprehensive programme is just what you need to add the specific skills employers value so highly. YOU […]

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  • Advanced Public Speaking & Presentation Skills

    6 Lessons in 32,096.00

    From making client presentations to internal strategy discussions, good presentation and public speaking skills are key to doing well in today’s business world. Having great content is important but not enough. It has to be packaged and presented in an engaging way to achieve the end objective. In this training programme, participants will learn how to prepare for public speaking events, how to structure their content, how to deliver it effectively and how to handle their nerves while presenting or speaking in public. Participants will learn the importance of positive body language and how to engage with the audience. They will also learn strategies and techniques for overcoming their self-limiting beliefs and presenting with confidence.

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  • Career Coaching For Working Professionals

    3 Lessons in , 8,260.00

    If you are feeling dissatisfaction with your professional life, or are in the midst of a career crisis, or want to get back to work after a break, we can help you achieve your objectives. Our goal is to support you in making informed decisions about your career advancement and trajectory, as well as offer various tools that […]

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  • Career Counselling

    3 Lessons in , 3,540.00

    career counselling

    Personalised one-on-one counselling session which will help you figure out your values, passions and career interests using well established tools. More often than not, there is confusion regarding what subjects to choose, which courses to take and which career options would be most lucrative in the long term. The answers to these questions often lie within us but we find it difficult to explore answers to these questions. Through the SoaringEagles Career Counselling sessions where we ask you structured questions about you and your interests, you can explore the answers to your doubts. During the career counselling process, you can plan with your counsellor on the number of follow-up sessions that you could potentially benefit from and adhere to the agreed number of sessions to maximise the benefits from the interactions.

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  • Get That Dream Job

    6 Lessons in 16,048.00

    In today’s competitive world, just posting your resume on job sites and hoping to get a call does not really work. As a job-seeker, you’re wasting your time and energy applying for jobs online. Most applications sent through automated recruiting sites don’t get seen. You need to take active charge of your own job search […]

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  • Acing Placements

    7 Lessons in 8,024.00

    In today’s competitive world, getting a good break while on campus can set you up for success. Though your technical skills, grades, etc. get you a foot in the door, doing well in the selection process determines whether you make it or not. Internship and job selection process can be very stressful, especially when you are not […]

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  • Leadership Programme Plus Internship

    6 Lessons in 15,000.00

    An experiential learning programme designed to motivate and challenge talented college students in a unique learning environment with the aim of enhancing their leadership skills and preparing them for the corporate world. The participants will engage in a lot of simulated activities and also benefit from the experience of industry experts. At the end of the Leadership Programme, […]

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  • Self-Awareness & Personality Development

    8 Lessons in 16,048.00

    In this course you will learn how to promote your personal brand and reputation. You will also learn how to speak confidently in public with a group of people or even make a presentation in a formal setup. You will learn to build rapport with people and expand your social network and influence.

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  • Effective Business Communication

    7 Lessons in 8,024.00

    business communication

    Communication skills are an important component of a productive workplace, allowing employees to work together cohesively and professionally and to deal with customers in the best possible manner. In today’s competitive world, effective communication skills are more essential than ever before. Effective communication involves active listening, awareness of body language, empathy and building rapport, questioning and clarifying. Barriers to communication can lead to misunderstanding and confusion. Improving communication skills through training and behavior modeling can give an individual and company a competitive edge.

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