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All you need to know about SoaringEagles’ Communication Skills Programmes in Mumbai

We often tend to look up at successful businessmen/women or senior managers and wonder what their secret to success is? Well, we can tell you that! Despite their own individual success mantras, when it’s all stripped back there’s just one common factor – they are all effective communicators.

But frankly, it’s not just about successful people; when you look around, people everywhere are wielding their communication skills effectively in all fields – from the shopkeeper negotiating the price of vegetables to a CEO coaxing a better deal – communication skills are universally used by all.

All the more reason for you to take a critical look at your own communications skills and maybe polish them up a bit?

SoaringEagles has several communication skills programmes in Mumbai targeted at people in different stages of their lives. Along with helping you communicate better with individuals and teams we also offer specific training that can help you communicate with larger groups – such as in public speaking scenarios or in meetings where you have to make presentations.

1. For Students and Young Adults

We have two programmes that have a huge dose of communication skills coaching along with other important skills. Here the communication modules work towards turning youngsters into confident communicators who can present themselves well to prospective employers or college recruiters.

2. For Professionals

We also have several programmes that include tailored communication modules for working professionals. These modules are effectively divided into mid-level and senior level executives as their requirements at each career phase is different.

Courses for Mid-Level (2-10 year)

Here, the focus of the Communication skills module is on better handling of teams to achieve goals.

Courses for senior executives (10+ years)

In these programmes, the communication modules focus on communicating like a boss. We teach you how to influence and motivate teams to be productive.

Along with programmes for individuals, we also offer communication skills training that can benefit larger groups – such as corporates or schools and colleges.

For Corporates

We offer training that is aligned with their company’s core culture or goals. We aim to improve the communication skills of employees through training and behaviour modelling. Our aim is to make all participants confident and competent communicators with external clients and stakeholders and with internals team members.

For Educational Institutions

We also run a college-backed monthly club for teaching students communication and public speaking skills. The format is designed like a workshop where students are encouraged to practice public speaking in an open and encouraging environment.

Does everyone need to learn communication? Do you? Maybe not!

But the job market of today is fluid by nature – entire industries become redundant, job profiles change rapidly, and new technologies are always around the corner. Wouldn’t it be nice to have useful skills to help you navigate these changing times?

When it comes to communication skills training, we have something for everyone! So do browse through our training section to find something that suits you. In case you feel you need something different, we can do that too. Just call us or email us with your thoughts!