Hey! I’m Sonali Sinha

An investment banker-turned-entrepreneur, humanitarian & a die-hard optimist dedicated to helping you to lead a life full of purpose, happiness and success.

A small-town girl, who moved around every few years, I was privileged to study at some of the best colleges in India – LSR, Delhi University and XLRI, Jamshedpur, and eventually landed up in Mumbai in a coveted investment banking role. After 16 successful years in investment banking, I decided to use my experience and expertise to help people lead happier lives. I joined an NGO that works for senior citizens and headed it for 3 years before starting SoaringEagles in 2015.

Through SoaringEagles,I help people like you to find purpose in life and be successful at what you do while being happy and confident from inside.

I am often asked “How did you get started in all this?”
For as long as I can remember, I have been very interested in how people think and behave and what
motivates them. I have been intrigued by how some people are go-getters in life and others just trudge along without any clear purpose. Why do some people struggle while others find a way to thrive in even the most challenging circumstances?

I would get agitated when I heard about how Indian students are not considered employable or how people struggle to get promotions even after working hard. I believe that with a little focus and effort, these issues can be surmounted.

I am an obsessive learner and I have always lived a life full of purpose. Having purpose gives meaning to what I do each day and gives a great deal of satisfaction. I want you also to have this. You have some special gifts which, if you develop, can help you create your dream life.

I started SoaringEagles with nothing but a dream, a laptop and truckloads of passion and am proud to have created a customer-centric organisation that has touched thousands of lives positively.

I believe that…
…once you discover what truly motivates you, your passion, strengths and personal aim, no one can stop you from achieving your true potential.

…while people are different, everyone has a value and special strengths and qualities.

…to do well in the corporate world you need a basic set of skills so that you approach your work with the right attitude, make considered choices and have the courage to stand by them.

…learning helps people grow and develop their natural abilities to make a difference, be special.

…we are here to make a difference!

When you invest in your future through our programme, you not only create a world you have dreamt of, you also create a better world around you.


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