Public Speaking & Presentation Skills

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Become a compelling and confident public speaker

When everyone in your team has a great idea, then the only way to stand out from the group is to convince your boss your vision and plan is better!

To stand up in front of a team, a person or a crowd and deliver your message with confidence or to give clear and convincing presentations are core competencies for doing well in today’s business world.

Our highly interactive programme will help you overcome your public speaking problems and give you the skills to become a successful communicator.


The Public Speaking and Presentations Skills Course is a fully customisable programme which can help people at all stages in their career. It will be tailored keeping in mind the needs of the participants.

It can be extremely useful for –

  • Professionals who need to polish their public speaking or presentation skills to grow at work
  • Business owners who need to approach investors with presentations
  • People who need to prepare for stage events such as conferences, rallies, large meetings, and networking events.


  • Present your ideas convincingly
  • Be able to structure your content for maximum impact
  • Be able to speak in front of large gatherings confidently
  • Project confidence and enthusiasm
  • Overcome public speaking difficulties such as shyness or stage fright

Brilliant ideas are lost just because of the lack of courage to speak up in meetings, forms or other platforms. Our Public speaking course in Mumbai helps you sharpen this very skill to make you a more impactful speaker.

The public speaking tips that we provide builds confidence helps you to connect with the audience and organise your content in an impactful manner. We provide ample opportunities for practice and personalised feedback for your reflection and improvement.

We also provide an online Public Speaking Training Programme which can be accessed by those who are not from Mumbai.

Our institute is considered one of the top 10 training institutes in India.



What Is Public Speaking?

Public speaking is presenting in front of a live audience to convey your ideas, educate, or motivate. Public Speaking is required in all the spheres of one’s life.

What are the elements of public speaking?

Five important elements of public speaking are

  1. Confidence – Dealing with your Anxiety
  2. Objective –Having clarity about why and what is the goal of your speech
  3. Audience – Knowing everything about the audience
  4. Content – Knowledge and depth about the topic you are presenting
  5. Connection – which you make with the audience and how you engage with them.

What are public speaking skills?  

A powerful and effective Public Speaker knows how to engage the audience in what they have to say, use his/her body language, voice and keep the audience engrossed enough to get their key message across.

How can I speak in public with confidence?

Experiential training and practice with useful feedback from expert trainer help to build confidence. Sign up for this course with SoaringEagles to see yourself emerge as a confident and compelling public speaker.


PLEASE NOTE: All of our programmes are flexible and offer rolling admission and flexible start dates. That is, you don’t need to wait for a new cohort to start in order to join us. Please contact us for details on how to join.


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